Last week's question: A Palestinian barber has developed an unusual way to straighten and style his customers' hair: He sets their locks on fire. If this innovative hairdresser were to start a chain of salons named after his unorthodox technique, what would it be called?

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THE WINNER: "Head and Smolders"
Ken Kellam, Dallas

SECOND PLACE: "Smoldilocks"
Ellen Cohen, New York City

THIRD PLACE: "Smoke and Mirrors"
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pa.


"Vidal Kaboom"
Harlan Howe, Houston

"Hair Razing"
Tommy Koch, San Juan Bautista, Calif.

"Hot Above the Collar"
Ryan Zettle, Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

"Come on Barber Light My Fire"
Gary Pierce, Springfield, Ill.

"Burnt Ends"
Kevin Spinner, Mill Valley, Calif.

"The Flaredresser"
Dan Scannell, Sunnyvale, Calif.

"Razor Blaze"
Trish Berg, Lake Elsinore, Calif.

"Hair Today, Ash Tomorrow"
Guido Scarato, Pacific Grove, Calif.

Bobby Orrell, La Veta, Colo.

Cathy Winford, Beloit, Wis.

"Flaming Follicles"
Ivan Kershner, Salem, S.C.

"Barbecue of Seville"
Mark Clapham, Oakland, Calif.

"Combustible Cuts"
Rick Keenan, San Diego

"PyroMANEiac Salons"
Ellen Norton, New York City