Last week's question: The Oscars Best Picture debacle — in which La La Land was wrongly announced as the winner, instead of Moonlight — may have happened because the person responsible for handing out the winning envelopes was busy tweeting. Can you think of how a classic movie could be renamed to reflect this embarrassing mix-up?

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THE WINNER: "Fatal Distraction"
Ken Kellam, Dallas

SECOND PLACE: "Citizen Vain"
Alicia Trider, Chico, Calif.

THIRD PLACE: "Gone with the Win"
James Hausberg, Los Angeles


Doug Johnston, Erie, Pa.

"The Accountant Always Tweets Twice"
Luke Green, Sartell, Minn.

"The Man Who Tweeted Too Much"
Mark Chartie, Lyme, Conn.

"L.A. Consequential"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

"E.T. The Erroneous Tweet"
Mike Carrig, Big Canoe, Ga.

"Crouching Tweeter, Hidden Envelope"
Catherine Miller, Charlotte, N.C.

"Invasion of the Selfie-Snatchers"
Kristina Cook, Coronado, Calif.

"Thumb Lola Thumb"
Gary Greene, Greenfield, Mass.

"Twitter Recall"
Victoria Ivanis, San Diego

"To Have and Have Not the Oscar"
Phyllis Klein, Forest Hills, N.Y.

"You've Got (the Wrong) Mail"
Jon Braunersreuther, Tomball, Texas

"One Tweet Screwed Over The Cuckoo's Nest"
Mark Weaver, Carlsbad, Calif,

"La La Grand Illusion"
James MacEachern, Cincinnati

"Gone With The Tweet"
Joseph De Stefano, Pittsburgh

"A Tweet Star Shamed Perspires"
Linda Eisen, Mt Pleasant, S.C.

"Thumb and Thumber"
John Parry, Eldersburg, Md.

"Gone with the Wrong Envelope"
Teresa Colyer, Novato, Calif.