Get ready for "a new breed of motorsport," said Nick Summers at Engadget. The Robocar, unveiled at last month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is a fully electric, sensor-loaded self-driving race car that can top 200 mph.

(Courtesy Roborace)

It's the creation of London-based startup Roborace, which hopes to organize the world's first driverless racing series. The heroes of the contest will be the programmers, "concocting the smartest and most competitive AI drivers." Roborace hopes the event will generate technological advances that can be applied to road vehicles. If a driverless car can avoid other robots racing at 200 mph, the thinking goes, "it stands a pretty good chance on the streets." Robocar's "sleek, futuristic look" comes straight from Hollywood. Roborace's chief designer, Daniel Simon, has created vehicle concepts for science fiction movies like 2010's Tron: Legacy and 2012's Prometheus.