1. Tinkineer Marbleocity Mini Coaster ($30)

Young tinkerers will love all the ramps, loops, and gears in this eye-catching marble coaster — once they build it. The birch pieces are assembled with wood glue using instructions written in graphic-novel form. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Nancy B's Science Club MoonScope ($40)

Inspire a young astronomer with a telescope that offers 18x and 90x magnifications for clear views of the stars and the moon's surface. It comes with a journal full of stories and fun activities. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Lego Millennium Falcon #75192 ($800)

With 7,541 pieces, this coveted Lego set is the largest ever made and produces a 3-foot-long ­replica of Han Solo's trusty ship. An order placed today might go to a waiting list, but what's a few weeks' delay to make a childhood dream come true? Concealed blaster cannons and seven Star Wars figurines are included. Buy it at Lego.

4. Kano Pixel Kit ($80)

"Aiming to light up kids' imaginations," Kano's cute and colorful computer teaches the fundamentals of coding by letting users create their own games, art, and animations. Its LED light board's 16 million colors get kids engaged in both art and tech at the same time. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear ($60)

There's a new way to play doctor these days. Using an iPhone as an X-ray monitor, kids compete to diagnose and cure the ailments of this plush teddy. Wooden accessories include a thermometer, spoon, stethoscope, and medicine bottle. Buy it at Amazon.

6. Uncle Goose Planet Blocks ($20)

Toddlers will have hours of fun building up and tearing down these lovely basswood blocks adorned on all sides with info­graphics about our solar system's planets. Buy it at Amazon.

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