This week's question: Miracle Milly, a tiny Chihuahua from Florida, has been awarded the title of World's Most Cloned Dog by Guinness World Records, after scientists in South Korea created 49 genetically-identical copies of her. If Disney were to make an animated movie about this unusual dog and its clones, what title could it give the film?

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THE WINNER: "101 Duplications"
Erica Avery, Greenfield, Massachusetts

SECOND PLACE: "Muttiplicity"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "Thoroughly Modern Milly and Milly and Milly and ..."
Joe Valetti, San Leandro, California


"Lady and the Revamps"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Lassie Come Clone"
Don Walker, Lexington, Massachusetts

"The Docs and the Hounds"
John Donovan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

"Duplicate-able Me"
John Mevi, Lakeside, California

"Finding Genomes"
Annette Entin, North Caldwell, New Jersey

"Milly and the Chihuahua Factory"
Norm Carrier, Flat Rock, North Carolina

"Star Paws II: A Pack of the Clones"
Bill Fitzpatrick, Syracuse, New York

"The Fasci-Millys"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"Cloneward Bound"
Jimmy Graham, Tucson, Arizona

"The Multiplyin' King"
Max Cohen, Tivoli, New York

"Who Let the Dogs Sprout?"
Polly Porter, Iowa City, Iowa

Robert Stuart Richards, Canyon Country, California

Mark Jakusovszky, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Lady and the Lady and the Lady ..."
Kevin Spinner, Mill Valley, California

"Send in the Clones"
Carole Dickerson, Hogansville, Georgia