This week's question: Scientists in Germany have discovered that wearing a tightly-secured necktie can reduce the flow of blood to the brain by some 7.5 percent, potentially diminishing the wearer's brain function. Please come up with a medical term to describe the condition that men may suffer from wearing a too-tight collar and tie to the office.

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THE WINNER: "Ascotphyxiation"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

SECOND PLACE: "Tie-poxia"
Corey French, Carmel, Indiana

THIRD PLACE: "Windsor Half-Wit"
Dallas Lea, Niskayuna, New York


Jenny Mangan, Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Mark Hasselwander, Queensbury, New York

"Knot responsive"
Mary Jo Astrachan, Oneida, New York

"Half Witsor"
Dan Eakin, Billings, Montana

Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Collar, uh?"
Judy Echols, Incline Village, Nevada

"The tie breaker"
Lea Butterfield Vanderstok, Palmdale, California

"Strap throat"
John Lewis, Montgomery Village, Maryland

"Psycollargical disorder"
Jonathan Sternberg, Eugene, Oregon

"Tourniquets Syndrome"
Don Walker, Lexington, Massachusetts

"Bolo constrictor"
Anita Regan, New Milford, Connecticut

"The tie-die effect"
Scott Heiple, Norman, Oklahoma

"Choke full of knots"
Sheldon Friedman, Englewood, Colorado

"Bow-a constriction"
Michael Rouse, Troy, Michigan