June 20, 2019

President Trump on Thursday morning said that Iran made a mistake in shooting down a U.S. drone — and he suggested later in the day that he's speaking literally.

After reports that Iran's paramilitary Islamic Republican Guard Corps had shot down a U.S. drone, Trump on Thursday tweeted simply, "Iran made a very big mistake!" He later spoke to reporters in the Oval Office and said that he has "a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody who shouldn't have been doing what they did." He also said that "I may be wrong and I may be right, but I'm right a lot."

Asked to clarify if he's suggesting the drone was not shot down intentionally, Trump said he finds it "hard to believe it was intentional," again speculating that it "could have been somebody who was loose and stupid who did it."

Iran had previously said that the U.S. Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk violated its airspace as the U.S. called this an "an unprovoked attack," The Associated Press reports.

This drone being brought down came amid escalating tensions with Iran, and when asked Thursday whether members of his administration are pushing for a conflict, Trump denied this, saying that "in many cases, it's the opposite." Asked how the U.S. will respond, Trump said, "you'll find out." Brendan Morrow

August 15, 2016

Responding to criticism of her boss on Fox Business Network, Donald Trump's campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said Monday that one of the main reasons the GOP nominee has so many supporters is because voters "want someone that's going to fight back." She then went on to commit the cardinal grammar sin of using the word "literally" when she really meant "figuratively":

Those who have followed this election cycle from the beginning may recall that the media pen at Trump rallies has been notoriously scrummy — but it's largely been reporters on the receiving end of the violence. This is Pierson's second controversial media statement in three days, after she said Saturday on CNN that President Obama started the war in Afghanistan. As MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin points out, there's a reason Pierson continues to appear to frequently on TV on her boss' behalf: "GOP heavy hitters won't be surrogates for Trump." Kimberly Alters

October 22, 2014

Sister Cristina Scuccia created quite a splash when she won Italy's version of The Voice in June, and she seems intent on keeping up the buzz with her hard-won record deal. At least that's my explanation for why the "Singing Nun" chose Madonna's sacrelicious "Like a Virgin" as the first single from her debut album, out Nov. 11. Scuccia's explanation, delivered to Italy's Avvenire, is that the song is "more similar to a lay prayer than to a pop piece."

"Reading the text, without being influenced by previous interpretations, you discover that it is a song about the power of love to renew people," she added, "rescue them from their past." Honestly, it's a pretty good cover — and sneakily subversive in its re-appropriation of Madonna's source material. If you like the song, or just want to see beautiful moving imagery of Venice, watch below. --Peter Weber

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